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I have worked with the criminal, juvenile, civil, family, and city court systems, as well as attorneys, district attorneys, probation officers, and parole officers for the last 25 years. My role is to act as a liaison between the court system and the patient, and to develop relationships with professionals in the judicial system.

Going through a wide array of circumstances, charges, outcomes, verdicts, custodies, situations, and conditions has allowed me the opportunity to gain insight into the dynamics and protocol of the different judicial systems. I have worked closely with defendants as well as victims, which has added to my experiences in this area.

The common denominator in all the court cases I have worked with is fear of the unknown. This leads to feelings of intimidation, anger, depression, anxiety, or even hopelessness.

I have learned that district attorneys, judges, attorneys, and probation officers appreciate defendants who are prepared, pro-active, and have taken the initiative to begin the process of recovery and accountability. During the duration of the court order, the same applies. Professionals in the judicial system appreciate individuals who instigate and complete recovery or restitution.

Legal Involvement & Court-Ordered Therapy:

DUI / Drug Related Charges

Assault / Domestic Violence

Custody / Divorce

Probation / Parole

Juvenile Arrests or Tickets

Legal Involvement Therapy Process:

  • I begin this process with either counseling, parenting assessment, home assessment, chemical dependency assessment, anger severity assessment, urinalysis, clinical assessment, theft intervention classes, drug and alcohol awareness classes, anger management classes, substance abuse classes, parenting, art therapy, or batterers intervention classes.

  • Documents are agreed upon and then sent to the courts or attorney including progress notes, assessments, and classes attended prior to being court ordered. This gives individuals going through the court process a sense of ownership, awareness, understanding, and regulation in their case.

    Like any other area in your life, accountability, gaining education, instigating change, and proceeding with a plan for success proves to gain respect from others as well as ourselves.

Are you ready to begin your journey of discovery, understanding, awareness, and lasting acceptance? I'm Ready to Help!