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As a therapist it is not in my make up to judge an individual’s sexuality. Whether someone is struggling or questioning their sexuality, dealing with relationship issues, or struggling in “coming out”, my role is to meet patients where they are at the time and assist them in their own challenges.

While it is certainly true that LGBT persons seek counseling for many of the same reasons that heterosexual clients report, the reality of living in a social context that is often hostile or indifferent to LGBT identities has stigmatizing effects on individuals, couples, and families. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender identities exist within our cultural, ethnic, racial, spiritual, and religious identities.

This multiplicity is often characterized by conflicting cultural norms, values, and beliefs. 

Challenges which are which are specific to LGBT individuals and couples who seek therapy can include the disclosure of sexual orientation or gender identity to family, friends, work colleagues, health professionals, and caregivers. Further, differences often occur between same-sex partners in their coming out processes and this can create significant stress on their relationship.

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LGBT Affirmative Individual, Couples or Family Therapy may also address:

Gender Identity.

Building support systems including friendships, family, and ties to the community.

Challenges faced by LGBT parents.

Experiences and stigma associated with bisexuality.

Experiences and risk factors affecting LGBT youth.

Internalized experiences of homophobia.

Coming Out to family, friends, classmates and co-workers.

Effects of Social Stigmatization, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Violence.

Experiences with legal challenges related to relationship status, immigration, adoption, survivorship, and others.

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