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Becky Lennox 19

Life is complicated. Families are complicated. There is no perfect family or relationship. We can shove people, memories, events, and mistakes under the carpet for long periods of time, but the elephant appears from underneath the rug repeatedly…when we least expect it.

Family counseling is an intentional step toward addressing and healing what more than likely has been brewing for a long time. Family members and the individuals we love have a way of flipping our switches and pushing our buttons because we allow them to. A safe and comfortable environment designed to help you stop, identify, own, assess, clarify, change, reconnect, disconnect, develop, and set boundaries proves to be difficult but it all pays off immensely in the end. We learn not to respond to the switch flipping and button pushing in ways we have previously.

The elephant in the room may always rear his ugly head in our living room but having the coping skills to address him effectively is the key to having successful relationships.

The “Elephants” in Our Living Rooms:

Parents/Siblings/Extended Family/In-Laws

Kids/Young Children/Adult Children

Finances/Probate/Family Money/Last Will and Testimony

Care for Elderly Parent

Health Issues/Terminal Illness/Critical Illness/Child Illness

Incarceration/Legal Issues

Substance Abuse/Alcoholism

Child Custody/Divorce/Separation/Parental Alienation

Absent Parent/Disengaged Parent

Finances/Child Support/Bankruptcy






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