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Relationships are difficult and complicated.

Relationships are a journey…one that is for certain include unforeseen detours, obstacles, and hurdles. When individuals don’t have the effective tools needed to deal with these unpredicted circumstances, they find themselves in setbacks leading to discouragement, disappointment, and many times the desire to “give up”. 

People enter relationships with an ideal and expectations they have created in their mind based on experiences, history, parental relationships, and what the media has portrayed. When hit by unforeseen circumstances, frustration, loss of trust, and disappointment, individuals many times harbor resentment, anger, assumptions, and bitterness. 

No two people think exactly alike, bringing a variety of complex issues to the relationship table. When ill or hurt feelings are left unchecked, these feelings snowball into depression and anxiety, causing one to make poor choices and damaging the relationship even more.


Goals of Couples Counseling

Improving communication.

Building intimacy and connection.

Rebuilding trust.

Learning to fight fair and skills for communication and conflict.

Decreasing conflict.

Clarification of thoughts leading to behaviors and becoming accountable to self and spouse.


Addressing extended family issues

Couples Therapy Services

  • LGBT Couples 
    Intimacy/Reconnection/Sexual Ideals 
    Step-Parents/Blended Families 
    Legal Issues/Incarceration/Arrests 
    Parental Alienation 
    Absent Parent/Death/Grief and Loss   
    Abusive Relationships 

  • I personally feel the first step in couples counseling is both parties must begin with clarifying what they see as the issue and then taking ownership in their part of their part of the foreseen problem. Pointing the finger and blaming the other is destructive and when people can “own your own part” the stage is set to begin the process of accountability. Identifying the things that are not working as the things that are working begins the process of discovery between two people.

  • Whether communication and intimacy issues are ever present and affect you as a couple or individual emotional struggles lead to repetitive patterns that sabotage and damage in day to day interactions, a realization must be made that it does not have to be this way. While habits are tough to break, it is possible to change ourselves, our thinking and thus change the relationships around us.

    People tend to give up too fast. They throw in the towel, while blaming the other person for the failure of the relationships. Couples counseling is not easy. It is a process and it takes work and a commitment.

Are you ready to begin your journey of discovery, understanding, awareness, and lasting acceptance? I'm Ready to Help!